Play Columbus Deluxe Slot

Here at GentingBet, we’re inviting you to take a little voyage of your own and discover a brave new world of super slots gameplay. Explore the possibilities, take a chance, weigh up the risks and claim the rewards just like this game’s namesake – the most famous adventurer in history, Columbus!

Columbus Deluxe Slot Features

Columbus’ legendary seafaring achievements are celebrated in this nautical-themed pastime, which is fondly remembered by many casino goers of the past decade. Weigh anchor, hoist the flag and splash out in this classic slot game where you’ll be scanning the horizon and hoping to cry ‘Ship ahoy!’ This is your chance to sail into the harbour of your own personal land of opportunity with the three boats of success: Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Versatile, fun and easy to play, you’ll soon realise why Columbus Slots has become so popular online and why he’s conquering more new worlds across all formats, including mobile gaming. To ensure that you always get the best possible playing experience from Columbus Deluxe Slots online at GentingBet, we’ve made sure that whether you’re playing on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, Columbus is optimised to perform fluently, with a top quality display, and will give you the best chance of hitting the jackpot. While staying true to the concept and format of the original instalment, our latest version has several additional bonuses and prize chances stowed away for you to discover during your adventure when you play Columbus.

Fittingly our hero of the piece, Captain Christopher Columbus, is wild in this game, multiplying your bet and substituting other symbols when he appears to create winning combinations. A sailor is nothing without his fleet, so if his three boats appear together, they provide you with free spins. Search for further bonuses by finding Columbus’ invaluable navigational tool, the sextant, by discovering a golden necklace, or by finding the portrait of a Spanish Princess, each item a treasure in its own unique right! Test your nerve with a winning combination by taking the risk with your reward and see the totals rise.

So, why wait? Sail the ocean blue and find the prizes waiting for you if you play Columbus Deluxe Slots online today. There’s no knowing how far your journey will take you!