Play First Person Blackjack

First Person Blackjack has arrived at Genting. Ideal for those who love Random Number Generator card games, it offers a stunning detailed 3D representation of a live Blackjack table with an option to switch to a live dealer game.

First Person Blackjack Features

The Go Live button is displayed on the table at all times, and you can leave the 3D surroundings at any given moment, and the illusion becomes reality.

In essence, First Person Blackjack online is a fabulous ‘bridge’ game for those who like virtual settings that provide relaxed and comfortable gameplay, while offering the option of switching to a live table, which is just a click away.

Aside from the obvious environment change, the speed of the games differs. As opposed to conventional live tables, when you play First Person Blackjack, the speed of the games is controlled by the players. On a live table the betting time is limited. Not here!

To initiate card dealing, you simply click on the Deal Now button and cards are drawn from the six-deck shoe. While still playing to normal Vegas Rules – trying to make the best hand available without busting over 21 – you control the pace of the game and you are not playing against other players. Genius!

As in normal Blackjack Rules, when you play First Person Blackjack online, once your two cards have been dealt, each player has the opportunity to Stand (take no more cards), Hit (take one more card), Split (create two hands from a pair), or Double (double the initial bet and take only one addition card).

A Re-Bet button allows you to repeat the bet of the last hand, while the Undo button will cancel the last bet made. Up to five playable hands are available and the chip stack reflects your actual balance. Plus, a new shoe is used at the beginning of every game round.

Side bets are also available and apart from the mandatory bet, one can also wager on Perfect Pairs and 21+3. If one of the dealer’s cards is an Ace, players will be able to place the insurance bet and save 50% of their stake if the dealer lands a Blackjack.

First Person Blackjack is now available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, so you can play anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it time to put your cards on the table?