Play Speed Roulette Slot

With over 52 years’ experience in the gaming industry, GentingBet have sought to become one of the leading gaming providers in the world. In partnership with Evolution Gaming, GentingBet gives players the chance to experience a real-life casino feel, with one of their most thrilling games to date. Speed Roulette Online combines a mix of modern technology and a highly immersive gameplay, offering an unmatched gaming experience like no other.

Speed Roulette online can be accessed anytime on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Irrespective of your preferences, GentingBet has prioritised all markets, ensuring a seamless experience on all devices. In fact, you are given the option to switch from one device to another whenever you want. All you need is a good internet connection and your progress will be saved automatically: guaranteeing a seamless experience each time

Speed Roulette Slot Feature

With a plethora of luxurious roulette tables to choose from, professional croupiers and an ambience that comes close to that of a land-based casino, you are given different options to suit your preferences. For starters, getting the chance to play with other fellow players on a table is exciting, but it’s not for everyone. Nevertheless, GentingBet ensures that all players can still experience all the thrills you can expect at a land-based casino, with the option of their exclusive private rooms.

What makes this game even more thrilling is that there is simply no time to waste. With each spin lasting a mere 25 seconds, you instantly know that this game is all about precision and quick thinking. Bets are placed during the spin and the dealer will immediately move on to the next spin as soon as the winning number is revealed.

With Speed Roulette’s unique camera angles, you will be able to see the action unfold right before your eyes. All the key details such as the table views are captured in a specific way, to help you make better decisions when you’re about to place your bets.

Combining a mix of thrills and an element of class, GentingBet promises an unrivalled and memorable gaming experience. With the endless options to suit every player’s preferences, as well as the cutting-edge technology that is added to every single one of their games, Genting Live Casino offers an authentic and personalised experience: log in to play Speed Roulette online now